A sharing style menu, each meal is prepared using time-tested recipes that translate to wholesome and satiating dishes and are inclusive of dietary restrictions with gluten-free and vegan options, courtesy Chef Vaibhav.

A force to be reckoned with, Chef Vaibhav combined his rich experience in the culinary landscape with meticulously researched ingredients to build each of the recipes borrowed from across the regions of Vietnam. From Banh Mi, Banh Xeo, Chao Bo, Bun Cha, Thom Kem, Suon Nuong to the ubiquitous Pho, the menu features treasure troves that take you on an epicurean journey.

Chef Vaibhav’s travels have ensured they deliver authentic Vietnamese flavours infused with contemporary techniques to the palates of the city’s discerning audience.


Carefully crafted cocktails such as the ODD FASHIONED - Burnt jasmine rice blended whisky, bitters, rice cracker, VIETNAMESE HIGHBALL - Vodka, Vietnamese coffee, condense milk, caramel, acid balance, Elder G & T - Elder flower, Gin, cucumber, lime, Tonic, Smoked Milk Punch - White Rum, avocado and pandan milk, roasted pineapple, smoked pandan integrate each ingredient to concoct perfectly blended tipples.

In equal focus, CHO’s non-alcoholic beverage menu offers an array of enticing drinks along with a great coffee menu featuring variations of coffee prepared in true Vietnamese fashion. From Drip Coffee, Egg coffee, Iced Coffee with condensed milk to coffee that with hints of coconut, one can savor the tropical notes in their favorite beverage.



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